2017 - DC Trip

I have a large family.  My parents each have multiple siblings who have kids.  Those kids have kids.  There are lots of kids in my family.  Not many of my cousins have just one child.  Some have 2 but more of them than not have 3+ kids.  You see, I have a large family.  Nearly all of my immediate family live in Hawaii.  So we visit my family annually, keep them close and keep my kids close to their cousins (we don't go into the details of 2nd, 3rd cousins) since they are all about the same age.  

My husband and his brother and their late mother blended right into the fold and made our family diverse and larger.

My husband does not have a large family.  Granted he's got extended family scattered across the US but he has never been to close to them.  He has cousins in SoCal that we would visit for holidays, they only lived 45 minutes from us at the time.  But that relationship didn't ignite until the early 2000s.  You see his cousins are my parent's age and growing up they led an entirely separate life from my husband and his brother.  But now we keep in touch because, duh, family.

My husband does have a younger brother.  I've known him since he was a freshman in highschool.  So my brother-in-law really feels like family for me, more like a brother than a BIL.  We see each other every year, normally twice a year.  He comes here in the summer and we go out his way, the other Washington, in the Fall for Thanksgiving.

I feel so grateful we have family out east, my kids have been to DC a few times and they simply love it.  They have their favorite things they like to see and do and of course visit with their Uncle.

This year we flew out for 2 weeks.  My brother-in-law got married this year so we got to spend extra time our East for both Thanksgiving and the wedding!  We spent Thanksgiving at home and my SIL & BIL cooked an amazing meal which we of course, enjoyed for days after.  It felt so good to spend the day with family and we filled the house with chaos and laughter.  

We spent the first week of the trip with family.  We hiked, we visited museums and monuments, ice skated (which was high on the kids list), ate some great dinners and bonded with family.  
Capital Building 
Supreme Court

George Washington Masonic National Memorial

Ice Skating at the National Sculpture Gardens
The National Archives in the background

Library of Congress

Giant Swings at the DC Wharf

The next few days we were in Virginia visiting with one of my oldest and dearest friends.  I do visit with her every time we're in town but it's normally one or two days and that's it.  This time we had 4 days!!!  The kids were thrilled that they got to hang out with her kids and they actually had a great time too.  Jen and I gym(ed) it every morning, I tracked down some of the best Mexican food I've had in a looooong time (and I'll definitely be hitting it up every time i'm in DC), marathon trifting day but most importantly I got to hang out with Jen!  Seriously, the friends I grew up with are turning out to be some of the best adult friendships this girl could have!  

We had a rehearsal dinner, the wedding and a cocktail evening 3-days in a row.  I loved being able to dress up, I don't get much opportunity so I definitely ran with it.  The rehearsal dinner was our first opportunity to meet my new SIL's parents and brother, whom are terrific!  Prior to the wedding all immediate family met up for wedding photos and my SIL even surprised us with our own family shoot and I cannot wait to see the pics!  The wedding was awesome.  It took place at the Navy Yards in a winery.  Everyone looked stunning, the wedding, cocktail hour/dinner & reception took place at the same location and it was perfect.  It suited them to perfection.  We danced the night away even little D, she danced for 4 hours straight.  And did I mention she was the flower girl, the most perfect little flower girl ever!!!
D took this photo of us while we were waiting around for the photographer

The trip felt long.  By the time we left we were all missing home, the cat, our own beds.  But DC was fun.  We had gorgeous weather, we had a fantastic time out in the city, we got to be with family, we met our new family, we hung out with old friends and we got to spend time as a family of 5 for many days which is so rare these days.  I look forward to this trip every year and now we'll get to enjoy our time out East with one more family member!!!

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