The Boys

My boys.  Affectionately refereed to as Big Red and Donx.  Both of my boys are now in middle school.  Big Red is 13 and in 7th grade and Donx is 11 (12 in a month) and is in 6th grade.  They are both amazing and so different.

My boys.  They don't have the closest relationship, in fact, unless they have no other choice they usually won't hang out together.  I've heard this is how it is with siblings and later in life, usually as grown ass adults, do they have a close brotherly relationship.  That's how it was for my husband and my brother-in-law.  

My boys.  They are so happy that when we moved into our house that they were finally able to have their very own bedrooms.  Sometime in 2016 did they finally reach the phase of wanting their own privacy.  While living in Seattle one of them moved out of their shared room and moved into the living room, making the couch their permanent bed.

My boys.  They are so very different.  Big Red is not one for a lot of friends.  He has many acquaintances and will talk to any classmate but as for friends he has a few really great friends and he feels that in his life, right now, that is all he needs.  He's cultivated a wonderful friendship with, i'll call him, Skyscraper, whom he met in the 3rd grade.  They talk every night, typically over their video game.  It's actually super cool that he's been able to continuously cultivate this friendship first being at separate middle schools in Seattle and now living 38 miles away.  Big Red is in introvert.  He has a very dry and very funny sense of humor.  Big Red loves to ready books, his favorite seem to be those of a dystopian state.  He is currently re-reading 1984.  Big Red really loves video games and seems to prefer PC gaming over consoles, although that in no way means he doesn't play xbox or playstation, because he does. Big Red is very sensitive, and cuddly, and emotional and best of all he's very empathetic which I so love about him and I feel could teach me a thing or two.  Big Red doesn't purposefully do things to hurt his siblings or others or say things to purposefully upset or hurt me.  When a subject interests him he goes in full force but when it doesn't he checks out and does the absolute bare minimum.  Big Red is on the shorter side for his age but what he lacks in height he makes up for in his vast knowledge.  He is one of the most interesting kids I know and he is my first baby and he made me a mom!

Donx.  Oh Donx, what can I say about him.  Donx is incredibly social, sooooo incredibly social.  It doesn't matter where we are he makes friends.  He seamlessly transitioned into his middle school making friends outta of the gate.  Donx has always been an extrovert.  But being an extrovert also gets him in trouble.  He's not afraid to speak up at school but he also doesn't know when to calm down when around his friends.  Donx runs on a 15 when he's with friends, which is great when he can be out of the house doing things burning off energy.  Donx is one smart cookie.  Always has been.  He was in advanced classes in elementary school.  His middle school doesn't offer an advanced learning program and we're seeing how he is coasting a bit this year since much of the work is unchallenging for him, but we have decided to let it slide this year.  Donx is outgoing and will sign up for things.  He's a signer upper.  He signed up for track when the school year started.  He also signed up for Ukulele lessons.  He is fiercely independent and has absolutely no problem going off on his own, to shop, to meet friends, or to just cruise around.  He is a great problem solver but doesn't always make the best choices.  He is a little bit of a follower which makes me worry greatly for him as he gets older and because he looks a lot older than he is.  Donx is taller then me, which may not be saying a lot since i'm only 5'3".  At the start of the school year Donx was 5'4".  Donx looks very mature and holds himself like an older teenager.  Donx is often mistaken for a 14 or 15 year old and he seems to have many female friends.  Donx is in full tween mode.  Always on the phone with girls and always texting them.  The girls do seem to like him.  Call me biased but he is turning into one handsome dude.  Donx was a strong willed baby and is now a strong willed tween.  

My boys.  They make me laugh everyday.  They also make me frustrated everyday, definitely more so one over the other.  My boys are so helpful when i'm home alone with all the kiddos.  My boys are not to old to tell me they love me, every single day.  They let me cuddle them and they cuddle back.  They offer me hugs every morning when they wake up and when they leave for school.  They may be in 6th and 7th grade but they still allow me to walk with them and to wait for the school bus.  They allow me to brush their hair when its crazy or to help with buttoning shirts because they are frustrated or lazy.  They allow me to still be their mom and do all the mom fussing.  I'll take it.  Every little bit of it.  I know there will come a day, with absolutely no warning, that they will not allow me to fuss over them anymore.

These boys of mine are growing up so quickly.  I hold them close to me whenever I can.  If I can spend 20 minutes alone with them doing something anything that allows us to laugh or talk i'll do it.  With the availability of the world literally in their pocket at all times- when they want to spend time with me, i'll take it no questions asked.  Time is flying by and if I could slow the clock down I would.

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