Don't Wait. Do All The Things! Part 1.

I'm one of those people that function on minimal planning.  I get the big loose outline of what to do, 1 or 2 must do bullet points and then I like to fill in all the blanks on the fly.  I want to believe I'm a "fly by the seat of my pants" person and maybe I truly, 100% was before kids, but with kids maybe i'm more 85-90%.  I'd say with three kids 13yrs and younger that's pretty spontaneous.  And that's just me.  My other half is maybe 40% spontaneous.  He is more of the risk manager, the planner, the adult.  With him there's always a reason why we can't do something or can't do it right now, or maybe we plan for it in x amount of time.  To that I always sigh and give a good eye roll.  I'm practical about things but he's practicaler (yeah, yeah, I know its not a word).

I believe when an opportunity presents itself you should take it.  You make it work.  You live and explore that experience before it passes you by.  I believe that life should be lived to its fullest by doing and seeing as much as you can.  Im not a total dreamer and I know that for some finances is the biggest obstacle, a lot of times it is for us.  However, if there is something you want bad enough you save and do whatever you have to do to make it happen.  We are thrifty people and we know how to travel and live frugal if need be.  We do it all the time.  Scrimp here to splurge there.  Scrimp with A so B can totally happen. You do what you need to do.  Sometimes T doesn't see it the same way and we have this conversation all the time.  Me trying to convince him and He trying to rationalize with me.  

The kids are growing up.  I want to be able to provide these opportunities for them while they are still young and we can do all these things together as a family of 5.  Before I know it i'll have young men ready to finish high school and strike out on their own and a teenage daughter who may not want to be spending so much time with us.  I want them to be able to do that with these experiences and memories under their belt.  I want to share my sense of adventure and my love of learning about other cultures with them.  I want them to be able to be adults that are open minded and to be well rounded and to be the best humans they can possibly be.  Exploring as a family will give them that foundation.

It's a struggle some times because I truly believe that life experience speaks volumes.  Seeing and doing and living and experiencing can trump book learning.  I won't go into the struggles about taking time off of school because if you are in the public school system, anywhere, you know what I mean.  I'm all for missing days if it means you will be seeing, touching and walking through the Colosseum rather then looking at pictures in a book and reading about it.  Read about it, go ahead, learn all there is to learn about it because knowledge is power, right?  But if you can go there and see it with your own two eyes, by all means do it.  And that right there, is what I want my kids to do.  I want them to have a huge sense of adventure.  I want them to want to see things in the world and go there and live it.  You see, T wants that too but he wants to rationalize the travel, and be super realistic about it.  So do I.  But the way we each go about doing that are on two different paths.  Or at least it has been. 

I found this article this summer and it pretty much sums up everything I have been explaining to T.  It really backed my years long case on just doing it!  So I sent him the article.  He read it, we discussed and he totally got.  HE FUCKING GOT IT!  All the elation and all the happiness hit me in that exact moment!  My years of going on about, "cmon we just have to do it.  The kids are young and flexible and they need to see the world."  

So now we are at the crossroads of where to go now.  Oh yes, we ARE taking the trip.  We ARE making it happen.  We have plotted the final destination and are working backwards to plot the entire trip.  We don't say "if we go to..." we now say "when we go to...."  Passports are current and waiting to be stamped.  To think it took a blog post, by another mother to make my husband see what i've been talking about for so long.  Sometimes people need that.  They need that extra layer of reassurance or urgency for it to sink in.  Im not complaining, trust me.  I'm glad he now understands and gets it.  

Like I said before, if you want it you make it happen.  You do what you have to do to make it work.  And that is exactly what we are doing.  We have started building the path to doing all the things.  It's planning, a little bit of my way and a little bit of his way.  The long game is planned the short game will be a lot more open.  Like I said we have the same general idea but how we get there is different.  We plot the main points and everything in between will be much more spontaneous.  Keep it fresh, keep it loose, nothing ruins a good time more then to many rules!  

But living our best life is the priority and we really are on the path to that. 

I'll keep you up to date on the plans.

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