Nine months ago we promised the kiddos a cat.  Our eldest wanted an orange cat.  We looked for an orange cat but no dice.  Instead we got a solid black cat.  Which is very fitting for our family.  That, I cannot explain but if you meet us it makes sense.

We named the cat Shoyu, which is what us Hawaii people call Soy Sauce.  We actually had a family meeting to discuss the name.  I wanted Nardo.  Then my son started calling him Nards and T said, "nope, I cannot have a pet that I call "nards"" so that name was nixed.  We tossed around a few names and settled first on Paco, which Big Red came up with.  I actually like the name, a lot.  But it just didn't fit the Feline member of the family.  So another family meeting ensued.  We settled on Shoyu.  And you know what, it fits.  He answers to it.  It's unique.  It's not overly cutesy or complicated to say ( like Buchanan, which was his name when we adopted him.)  So yes, Shoyu is a him.  He's just about 1 years old and was given up by his previous family.

Shoyu has settled in nicely with our family.  The kiddos simply love him to pieces and are so happy to have a pet.  Shoyu is great with the kids and always seems to love their affection when they each wake up and when they each come home from school.  He's a cat, so I mean, what else, right?  He spends the school hours mostly sleeping, sometimes hanging out with me.  He isn't destructive.  He isn't overly needy.  He is perfect for us.  

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