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Ticket To Ride for Family Game Night

It's been almost a year that we instituted Family Game Night.  We all look forward to it as a family and we all participate.  Our days, weeks and lives are all individually busy.  We have our own daily responsibilities, we all want to have our own personal time to do the things we want to do and sometimes spending time together as a family is challenging.  Challenging in both finding the time and finding something we all, collectively want to do.  

Family Game Night has solved that.  We have fun together doing it.  Even if there are little spats or breakdowns we all ultimately enjoy it.  The kids expect it.  Our game night is always on a Sunday evening.  We try to start it around 430pm and normally have a game selected ahead of time.  It's one of the few times we all eat together and we do it while we are playing.  Most times we play one, longish game, but once in awhile we'll play a few quicker games.  We have also had times where we had planned to play one game but by the time it was over nobody wanted game night to end so we'll play another, quick, game.

Because Crash is only 7 we had a hard time playing games that she understood but now she is up to speed on all the games we play even if the box says the game is 8+ years or older.  We took our time teaching her to play games we enjoyed, at first we had her partner with either T or I and sometimes Big Red.  Allowing her to take the lead and guiding her through strategy.  Now she gets it, occasionally she asks for help in best strategizing but we are no longer forced to have her pair up with someone or forced to play simpler games like Trouble.

Some of our favorite games are:

Settlers of Catan
Ticket to Ride
Sushi Go

We have some other games that we play but we play the above the most.  I'm totally open to suggestions if anyone has some.

On game nights we typically do pretty simple dinners.  I don't want to spend a ton of time cooking, and I aim for a one pot.  We also eat dinner game side so it can't be to complicated or messy because we don't want food on the game board.  Like I said the kids and us adults love it and enjoy it.  

When we have other plans on a Sunday, such as a mid-afternoon birthday party we will typically plan to have dinner ready before we leave our house and no matter how great of time we're having at the party we will aim to leave so we are home no later then 5-530 so we can have game night.  We've also had instances where T had someplace to be on a Sunday evening so we had game night in the late afternoon and then he left.  Like I said, this is one of the few nights a week we all have carved out to spend as a family and we always make it happen.

As our kids get older and the boys, being teens, want to spend more time with their friends it is truly important to T and I to make sure we get in this family time.  Nothing is more heartwarming then having this time to laugh, ugly cry and enjoy these moments with my kids and my husband.

Family Game Night has been one of the best things we've incorporated into our family!  If you aren't already doing this, do it.  Do it ASAP.

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