Fall is Here

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I love Fall.  Fall is so beautiful here in the Pacific Northwest.  The changing of the leaves, the crisp air that begins to roll in and the beginning of the gray and rain that we are so well known for.  Besides that I love that I get to unpack my jackets, sweaters, beanies and light scarves.  I love layering and getting cozi in my sweaters.  I love that I can wear boots again and can cuddle up in the evening with steaming tea and blankets with a fire blazing in the background.  

Granted I love summers, I didn't used to.  But when you live in an environment where it feels like you are living in a constant state of gray and wet you can really appreciate some warm weather!  

However, back to Fall.

Fall is that time of year when I get to wear all my favorite things without having to throw on a bulky coat over it all.  I can wear a myriad of jackets and sweaters, i can wear dresses with tights and besides wearing boots we do have a sprinkling of days and nights where one can still wear an open toe sandal.  

Plus fall also has the pretty leaves, and all the homey cinnamon and nutmeg flavors.  I'm not going to mention the pumpkin flavored items because, outside of breads and muffins, i'm not a fan.

But fall for me is leather jackets, black jeans, fingerless gloves, maybe a lightweight scarf.  Oh fall....you are the best.

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