Let's Start Anew

It's been a really long time.  Life's been busy, especially this past (school) year, 2016-2017.  I feel like much of the past year was preparing to move to our house in the country.  We made the definitive decision to make the mood at the beginning of 2017.  Knowing our lease was up in Seattle in May/June, and knowing full well they would be increasing the rent we decided to take the leap.

We love our country house, its peaceful, its spacious, and it really is everything we've ever hoped for.  Our days of VRBOing and long term renting are over.  We moved into our home, full time, on June 26th.  Truthfully, as excited as I was to move I was equally nervous.  I'd be saying so long to the best neighborhood i've ever lived in, i'd be saying good bye to wonderful friends, and I was saying au revoir to a bustling, albeit congested, diverse city.  However, i've now been in our house for almost 3-months.  We are 95% unpacked, and with the kids back in school our routine is slowing coming together.  The kids have made new school friends and are involved in some after school activities.  I haven't made any friends with parents yet but that's understandable since school just started.  We have some friends that live a few minutes away, so its nice to be able to swing by for adult conversation.  But with summer recently over, i'm actually enjoying the time alone for now.  

We were able to create a home gym at the house.  Much of our gym equipment we received for free either off of our Magnolia Buy Nothing group or by trading with friends.   It's quite stocked and i'm enjoying my workouts a lot more.  We will need to invest in more weight plates but no big deal.  It's just great having the free weights, TRX, a squat rack (!) and to pieces of cardio (our elliptical and a treadmill). 

I was also able to purchase a new car before we moved.  Literally, we paid our last month of Seattle rent and started the car hunt.  It was important to me that we found a car that fit all of us and was 4WD! After researching so many types of SUVs we found something we not only had on our wish list but also one of the vehicles that consistently had great reviews!  Score!  

Life is good.  I can't complain about much.  We are all healthy and happy and living the best we can every, single day.  Making the move to the country may be far from the lifestyle we lived previously but as for quality of life we will be very, very happy!

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