...April 2017

I've taken a nice long hiatus!  It wasn't intentional but life has been busy.  Real busy.  But here we are in a new year.

I guess i'll quickly recap the last few months.  

  • We stayed in Seattle for Thanksgiving.  Airfare to the east coast was pretty pricey this year so we opted to stay close to home and do a nice dinner out at Palisades.  We did the usual Thanksgiving rituals of checking out the Christmas Tree walk at the Fairmont Olympic as well as the amazing gingerbread houses downtown.  Dinner was alright, forgettable but alright.

  • Mom visited for Christmas.  We haven't had a parent out here for a major holiday in a while so it was nice.  My mom has a fear that she doesn't have very many Christmas' left where the kids will enjoy her being in town.  I call phooey, they will always love my mom and dad coming to visit us.
  • T and I dressed alike more times then I can count.

  • In January 2017 T and I went to England for 2-weeks and left the kids at home with a sitter.  This was our first major travel without our kids and I was nervous but thrilled.  It was the first time in over 10-years that I only had to be responsible for myself.  T had business in England so it was a lot of relaxing and sightseeing for me.  We primarily stayed in Brighton (beautiful!) but we also went to London.  

We went to a Brighton Hove Albion football match

We were straight up tourist in London visiting Tower Bridge

...and Big Ben

....and Buckingham Palace
  • London was amazing but a few days after coming home we got snow, in February.  Kids got a snow day and I took them sledding! 

Beautiful snow covered Magnolia

  • We were in Seattle for a week before we took off for Hawaii for 3-weeks.  See what I mean, we've been busy.  Hawaii was, well Hawaii.  We beached it.  We ate sensibly.  We relaxed.  We hung out with family.  It was our first trip back as a family since my mother-in-law passed away.  I can't imagine how strange that must have been for my husband.  Especially since she is not buried in Hawaii so he has no place to go and pay his respects.  But Hawaii was what we needed.  rest, relax and family!
  • My cousin came to visit a week after we returned from Hawaii.  That kept me busy every day.
  • Then it was a whirlwind of finishing taxes, or trying to.  We are now in Mid-march, time has flown by!!!!
  • Now we are in mid-April.  Taxes were filed and we've received our returns.  Easter was great!  We have amazingly shitty weather and have more rain then I have experienced my entire time living in the PNW.  Really, this year has been nuts! And they say global warming isn't real.  Bullshit!
  • We decided not to renew our lease in Seattle and are taking the leap to move....more on that later....
But in a nutshell that's what's been happening.

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