Life is Moving Quickly

So summer  flew by!  My kids were in camps most of the time, and excluding my oldest child, this is what they want.  We spent the end of the summer out at the farm for nearly 2 weeks and it was perfect.  Not any real agenda. We explored the area, we hiked, we had a big end of summer party with our friends.  It was perfect!  It was really hard to leave and come back to reality.  There's just something about that farm that transports me someplace peaceful.  Idyllic.  It's homey.  It's wonderful!

But back in Seattle, we had a nice long weekend and BOOM - back to school for the kiddos.  And here we are, at the end of October and I feel like we are barely getting into a routine.  This is the first time its felt so off track and I really, really don't like it.  The kids have their schedules but me, I feel so scattered.  I'm not on point with my momly duties like I normally am.  Maybe i'm 80% there.  But I'm not upset over it, I jsut fee a little derailed but i'm rolling with it and doing the best I can.

My oldest child started Middle School this year.  He is at a small private school in Ballard.  The school is amazing, he has 14 other 6th grade class mates and there are is a total of 43 middle schoolers.  The school is compassionate, treats the kids as individuals, and the kids are given freedoms and attention that is just not possible in the public school system.  Art studio time is as important as academic time.  Family time outside of school trumps school work.  Children are understood, help is provided, deadlines don't exist and the teachers make time for each child and for parents.  Technology is not a dominant factor for the kids because the belief is they get that all the time everywhere and school should be about being expressive, creative, social and being a good citizen in the school community.  It's such an amazing environment for him and i'm grateful that we are able to give this to him.

The other two kiddos are back at their elementary school.  1st and 5th grades.  And you better believe that my 5th grader acts like the "big man on campus."  It's strange to see him as one of the bigger kids in 5th grade, how he got to be 5' at 10 years old is beyond me.  This could be the average height for 10 year olds these days but I'd never know it seeing as though I've topped out at 5'3" and my husband not much taller! 

We are buried in after school activities right now and as much as I love keeping the younger two busy (because their energies knows no bounds) its really making me tired.  We have soccer, hula, gymnastics, drama club, study club and swimming.  And a couple of these happen a few times per week!  It's a lot.  But they love it.  soccer has an end in sight and its creeping up on us.  Gymnastics will continue forever until little Crash is no longer interested, which I don't see happening for a long, long time!

We wrapped up the VRBO season on the farm and have some long term renters in the house right now.  So no more crazy commuting back and forth to clean the house after messy and sometimes incredibly clean guests!  One thing off my plate.

I haven't seen my trainer since the summer.  It's okay.  I miss the support she provided but right now I have trouble finding the time to do anything that isn't deemed necessary for my family's immediate needs and second I need to keep that extra cash in my pocket because, uhm, private school tuition!  But workouts are doing great.  Food is getting back on track after a crazy free for all summer.  I definitely could do with some buckling down.  I think i'll need to get super strict, drop some pounds and then slowly loosen the reins.  Yes, that's exactly what i'm going to do!  Maybe even get that started this weekend!  YOLO

We did take the kids to CA a couple weeks ago but that will be a separate post.

All in all.  Schools back.  Getting back into the school vibe.  I've joined a carpool.  I still workout like crazy.  My kids are bigger, wiser and smartassier.  Husband works hard for all of us but is still a good dad, albeit stressed out much of the time.  

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