Summer Vacation Itemized

  • Kids got out of school on 6/24, ridiculousness!
  • The Middle & Youngest have been in camp everyday since school got out
  • The eldest wanted less camp this year since he's going into middle school in the fall. But today is his first day of camp, he'll only do 3-weeks the entire summer
  • We had amazing weather in May, like sunny and 90 in May.  But summer so far has been 70s and overcast, nearly every single day
  • weather wise, worst summer ever.  I want to wear shorts and tanks and really as little clothes as possible.  i want to lay on the beach, get a tan, wear big hats and sunnies.  but none of that is happening
  • i had so many guests over the last couple of months, mom and dad were the most recent, leaving on Independence Day. 
  • I'm normally not a refined sugar eater, because goals.  But with guests, that sometimes goes out the window.  Now im weaning myself back off and feeling so much better that im doing so.  When i eat refined sugar it is totally obvious, staring at my naked body.  It really makes its presence known.
  • Today all my kids are at full day camp.  my first day home alone since school was in session
  • Current situation:  chest cold.  coughing a lot.  wheezing.  need some expectorant badly.
  • my babysitter moved to the mid-west.  I need a new sitter asap!
  • T is staying out at the country house for the next few days.  he really needed time to relax and destress.  hope he is able to take care of himself while he's out there.
  • scored an incline bench and squat rack for free! al in the same week too.

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