Weight Loss Journey - May 2016

I've maintained my weight for a year!  That's a huge deal and I feel like I should have a party for it or something.  I had some moments over the holidays and early in the spring when I pretty much said fuck it and wasn't as disciplined as I normally am but c'mon 1)it was the holidays, 2)holiday food and snacks are bomb and in terms of the spring 3)I had back to back visitors and really did the best I could which can sometimes be tough when you're eating out so much.

But May 1 I pulled up my bootstraps, we had no more family in town and i'm back on track.  I was feeling so sluggish for awhile and I totally know it was due to diet and inconsistent workouts but not anymore.  

I would love to drop a 3-5 more lbs for the summer and really be able to rock my swimsuit but not necessary.  I think i'm looking pretty good, im in a juniors small/xsmall and feeling super confident with myself.  It's amazing the confidence i'm feeling because I didn't feel like I was lacking any of it before but with my new lifestyle i don't feel timid about anything.  It's so incredibly freeing!

A few months ago I've totally changed up my workouts to really get the maximum benefit of lifting.  Im working out in a 3 part cycle:  #1 back/biceps, #2 legs/glutes, #3shoulders/chest/triceps.  It's working out great and focusing on these muscle groups have been making an impact on the look of my body and im liking it.  The muscles are growing quick and I do need to be careful when it comes to my legs because those quads grow real fast.  Speaking of quads I've dialed back on the amount of squats I do because the quads were getting a little big (ger then I like) so I'm doing less squats but definitely working the hammys and ass.

But all and all im happy with being able to maintain my weight for a year. I had hiccups as I mentioned but I get back on track and those hiccups have occured around holidays which is reasonable and having visitors on vacation.  

Hoping for a successful summer in terms of weight, and food and workouts!

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