The Other Hourse

We are 90% done with decorating and moving into our other house.  We've had some people stay in there for some vacation time and I really hope I get some great constructive criticism.  I think the house is looking great.  We just got a hot tub delivered and getting all connected up this Thursday.  The lawn is now being mowed on a regular basis the pasture on the other hand is another matter, and something we will deal with down the road.

3400 sqft is a lot to clean and I really need to come up with a good, efficient system.  The worst part is making the beds.  Really don't enjoy but its a job that has to get done.  

Im really loving spending time out there and am looking forward to later in the summer for some time to really stay out there without having to jet back to Seattle for one thing or another.

We still have little things to do, which is more for us, like buying a larger tv and getting a desk in the office.

Bigger projects include, busting out the wet bar and putting in our shelving unit we have in the garage and destroying the MIL kitchen, downstairs, and turning it into a proper laundry room/sewing room.  Think long countertops, shelves, and space for a chair or two.  Of course we'd also like to  move the extra fridge to the garage to store some back up food for us when guests are staying and we don't want to schlep all our food back to Seattle with us.  All in all it'll be great to have the house for the summer. to get away from it all and hide out if need be.

This is turning out to be one of the smarter purchases we have made.

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