I haven't purchased a home since Los Angeles.  We sold our cute little 1928 Spanish cottage in 2009 and left the state.  Since then we've rented, contemplating all that we learned from home ownership and what we would do or not do differently.  We've also had time to grow our family, grow ourselves and really figure out the needs and wants that is best for us.  

We've talked about our ideal home.  What we'd one day like to purchase to build for ourselves.  Our dream home, so to speak.  As most dream home scenarios go you realize you will never find exactly what you want.  You'll likely have to make compromises somewhere and just accept what you've found.  Building something brings you closer to that reality.  We priced out pre-fabs, we could get really close to what we'd want in the house but would still need to find the perfect location.  So we'd dream, always dreaming, adjusting the dream, day dreaming the dream.  Always.

With all that day dreaming, and with no intention of really doing any serious house hunting, I troll Redfin and/or Zillow, which ever tickles my pickle that particular day.  You know, in case that dream home were to ever pop up.  Year after year it never does.  Maybe I'll come across a house that would be perfect but its in the middle of the city, with no privacy and an outrageous price tag!  Nope.  

That is until 10 days ago.  I actually found our dream home, which we actually refer to as our retirement home.  It's meets 100% of our parameters, and includes more then we even wanted.  But not more in bad way but rather in a "OMG that is totally awesome and we could totally use that/need that...."  We talked about the house over and over and finally made an appointment to see it in person.  Wow!  Exceeded our expectation.  We may actually move forward.  We have questions in with our realtor, yes our realtor.  Crazytown.  My head is spinning.  My heart is anxious.  We are currently selling a house in Hawaii so until that closes, in a week or less, we have to wait.  

I cross my fingers that this house doesn't sell in the next few days, if it does I suppose it wasn't meant to be.  

But really, finding a home that met all our ridiculous dream list items is crazy.  We'll see what happens with all of this.  Wanna see the house?  Sure you do..... And there is so much more (swoon).

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