T and I have always had very similar interests.  Our lives have moved in parallel since we were teenagers.  The days our lives intersected all those years back would have never braced me for all the years we would spend together creating this life, creating 3 humans and riding this wonderful rollercoaster.  

It's funny, somedays we get dressed and realize we are wearing nearly identical outfits.  Sometimes its just matching shit like black jeans and gray shirts.  Sometimes its flipped with one of us in black bottoms and gray tops while the other has it opposite.  Then there are days we are both in jeans and flannels, different colors but still same feel.  Most times we don't even catch that we're doing this until we are out of the house and there is no turning back.  It's funny.  It's because we're our own person but we're not.  We are two souls that are so intwined with each other that we just can't help it.  We are a couple a couple since our teen years, this was bound to happen, right?

We laugh about this.  We don't try to change this we just go with it.  We can't help it.  

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