Fathers Day 2015

Today my husband is lucky enough to celebrate his 10th Father's Day.  It's a day we get to shower him with extra kindness, his favorite foods and activities.  A day the kids look forward to and all fight to spend 1:1 time with him.  My husband is a good sport about it, better then me that's for sure.  

T has grown into being a wonderful father.  He's respectful of each child, recognizes all of their individual strengths and weaknesses.  Is stern in the right ways at the right times and is continually nurturing our children.  If you asked me 15 years ago if I thought what kind of father he would be, one day, I would have no answers to provide.  I could have never imagined he would become the man, the father that he is.  My children are lucky to have him.  I am lucky to have grown this life with this man.

Happy Father's Day T.  Never in a million years can I think of any other human on this planet that are as wonderful to our children as you are.

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