Weight Loss Journey - May 2015

There I am.  In my current incarnation, 46lbs lighter then when I started.  I've been on my weight loss journey since September 2014, that's 8 months now.  Almost to the day, actually! The journey has been amazing and I've learned so much about myself.  I've learned that I have a tough as nails sense of dedication.  If I didn't I don't think I would be where I am today.  I love that this journey is visible to my kids, especially my little girl.  Although she'll occasionally comment and say things like, "mommy you look skinny,"  she more often says things like "mommy you are strong" or "mommy I want to be strong like you one day."  Those are the comments that make me smile.  Skinnier then I was before, is like the side effect, so to speak.  I started my journey wanting to be smaller, skinnier if you will, and healthier then I was.  As my training progressed and the weight started coming off my perspective changed.  Yes, being smaller is fabulous but its nothing compared to my energy, stamina, self-confidence and strength.  Those things are priceless.  My journey is not over, I have a little bit more to go to reach my goal then my focus will shift to building up my muscle and tightening things up.  

So yes I'm down 46lbs today!!!!!  I cannot believe that number.  It's huge, its more then my little girls weight!  About a month ago I went through my closet and, finally, removed all my big clothes.  Most of my clothes were big, like 95% of my clothes.  I kept trying to wear them with the addition of belts or sweaters to hide all the extra space.  I looked weird in my clothes.  The few things I did have that actually fit were very few.  Since clearing out my clothes I've bought a few inexpensive pieces to fill the gap and give me some variety in clothing.  I bought 4 pairs of jeans and 2 skirts from Forever 21!  I cannot believe I can buy clothes from Forever 21 -  Woot!!!  They are the price point I want to deal with at the moment because I feel like my body is still changing and I don't want to invest in quality pieces that I may not fit into in a couple of months.  I also picked up some new work out pants and shorts, for the summer, at Old Navy.  Typically I just cut up my old jeans into jorts for the summer, and I still did to my smaller big jeans but I HAVE to wear a belt and i'm cool with it since its comfy, worn and baggy.  But mostly I can't because my old pants are way to big.  Let me put it into perspective, the day I started my journey I was in a 12/14 and i'm currently in a 2/4.  WTF!  So clothing right now is not an investment for me, its totally transitional and I'm just dealing with minimal pieces and the few things I can still wear (because baggy sweaters are cool, right?) I mix it in.  
That photo up there is a side by side comparison of me, taken a year apart in the same dress (drawstrings are an amazing thing!).  I can hardly believe that is me.  I can hardly believe I somehow thought that dress fit me in 2014!  Ugh.  When I look at that photo I cannot believe that is me.  I cannot believe that I let myself get to that weight, however the before photo was taken in March 2014 over the course of the summer of 2014 I gained an additional 10lbs!!!  So the before picture is still lighter then I was when I started my journey.  I'm proud of where I've gotten to and i'm super motivated to get to my actual goal.  

My health feels amazing.  My body feels great, I don't get winded as quickly, I don't get much aches and pains (unless its from a workout) and I get excited to do outdoorsy things.  I've been told by friends that my journey has inspired them to a commit to a journey of their own and that is amazing.  To be that inspiration for another human being is warming for me.  Everyone has that moment when they feel that they need to make a change in their own life.  Wether that moment comes from seeing a photo of themselves and them not being what they thought they were, or seeing a friend/person they know make that lifestyle change.  And this is, most definitely a lifestyle change first and foremost.  I've been to the other end and I know I never, ever want to go back there.  I want to be healthy.  I want to be strong.  I want to be fit.  Not just for me but for my family.  If I inspire others along the way that is wonderful.  

Everyone deserves the best for themselves.

.....the journey continues!

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