5 Things: Week of May 25, 2015

List 044

List 044 by seattlemom featuring yellow gold rings

This weeks five things have been on my mind or in my life for a little bit now but still very fresh.  First off cold brew, is there anything better?  I'm a big coffee drinker and I really, really like Stumptown.  They make a few variety of cold brew a couple of which have milk added and it tastes like straight up desert.  I don't do milk or cream in coffee so I normally drink the black cold brew and love it.  I recently discovered Nitro Cold Brew and god damn is that stuff smooth!  It's yummy and delicious and you should go try it if you are a cold brew fan.

I love personalized jewelry so when I found initial rings for $3 a each I had to get one for each of my kiddos and my man.  I stack the three kids rings together and I wear T's ring on my ring finger since my wedding rings no longer fit me.  I think these are sweet and minimal and totally right for me.

Are you watching Halt & Catch Fire?  Yes, I know it aired last summer but thanks to Netflix I'm watching it for the first time now.  I'm only a few episodes in and I'm really loving it!  Lee Pace is one of the main characters and he was so great in Pushing Daisies and I'm so glad he's on another fantastic series.

Summer's around the corner and it had me fantasizing of shorter hair.  I've been eyeballing short lobs on IG for months now.  Last week I took the plunge and cut my hair.  I promised myself to never have hair shorter than shoulder length and I broke my own promise.  Why?  Well, I have a fantastic stylist who gets my hair and if anyone could give me shorter hair without it turning into a mushroom it would be Ava.  And she pulled it off.  I have a wonderful, layered, thinned out short lob and it feels fantastic!

Bean teepee's rock.  I wish I had the garden space to create a giant one.  But alas, I don't and instead have a couple of smaller narrow bean teepee's going on in my backyard right now.  

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