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List 043 by seattlemom featuring Givenchy

It's been unseasonable warm here in Seattle.  I'm  not complaining, i'm loving it and taking it day by day.  One thing is for sure, our weather is totally unpredictable and tomorrow could be totally overcast and chili.  Let's not go there.  Instead let's talk about the warms.  

I was never really big on wearing shorts when I lived in sun shiny Los Angeles but here in the Pacific Northwest I embrace the sun and bask in it every chance I get.  That means showing off the pasty winter legs in shorts.  Cut off jean shorts, or jorts as I like to call them, are my shorts of choice.  Normally they are a pair of old jeans I have actually cut but once in a while I do buy a pair of actual, on purpose, denim shorts.  I did this year, and picked up a pair of Old Navy boyfriend cut shorts.  The pair I got are a little distrised and the cut is nice and loose and rides nicely on the hips.  If they made the exact same pair in a faded black I'd probably buy that to.  Most of my black denim shorts are cut from old jeans.  I'm a creature of habit when it comes to dressing in shorts.  I'll 99% of the time pair it with a muscle tee or tank top.  Jewelry is typically simple, a pair of earrings usually studs or hoops, a necklace and a few delicate rings.  That's it.  Top that off with some unique sunglasses and a big ass hat or "messy" curled hair and that's it.  Shoe wise will always be one of two things, high top vans or my salt water sandals.  Easy peasy.  I'm telling you, creature of habit!  

These warm days have been heavenly.  I've been spending a lot of my time out in my backyard, planting and babying my veggies, watching my little play with her barbies in their "pool" and when I have some time alone I'm really loving basking in the sun and having time to read one of my many half read books.

BBQ season is here and I look forward to the school year wrapping up and having friends over more often!  And yes, i'll likely be in jorts and a tank.

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