Update through February 9

So my laptop died. This is the second time I've had a laptop die. This specific laptop was a hand me down MacBook Pro from my husband. I'm grateful for not needing to spend money on a new device but from the day he gave it to me I knew it's days were numbered. There were familiar hums, and excessive heat and fan noises, not to mention weird quirks with the screen illuminating when it felt like it.  It's not even a year and it's dead.  It's expected it's old.  I have an iPad but it's not the same thing.  I honestly hate typing on a screen.

My husband took off to a developer conference in San Francisco on Friday afternoon.  He won't be back until the end of the week.  Spending these days alone with the kids have been fun. It's different now because the boys are much older and we have so many more things we can do now to spend time together.  When T used to travel when the boys were in preschool it was beyond exhausting! Our days started early and ended late and juggling two babies and a full time job was rough. I envied the timeT was away and often wished it was me that got to leave the home front and sleep I disturbed in a hotel.  It made me resent him and his job.  Not so much anymore.  We still have stressful days but it's few and far between and as the kids get older I've learned to appreciate this time with them.  

My weight loss journey is still looking up.  I cam home from Hawaii about 1.5lbs heavier, yes I know that's not much, but I kept track. I'm back on the straight and narrow working out, eating right and generally being as active as I can in any given day.  Life has changed dramatically since losing weight.  All those things people say about feeling energetic is so true.  My energy levels are at its peak, my mood is generally positive (except for when I'm hungry!), and I have so much ambition in any given day it's fantastic.  I want this lifestyle to stay with me for the long haul.  It's important to me to feel this way not specifically for me but for my kids.  I want to keep up with them and do all the things they want me to join in with them.  For me, it makes me feel a lot younger and makes me want to do things I didn't think I would really have the energy to do like try boxing!!!

One of my goals for 2015 was to go through all our stuff and minimize.  I've started the process and am starting with those items I can immediately purge, storing the items I can sell and am planning on spending one day listing all the items i want to sell.  It felt good to drop off a trunk load of items to donation yesterday.  I know there is more and I look forward to go through this process and releasing those items that are unnecessary and putting an end to being slaves to our stuff.

So that's where I've been.  Hopefully I'll get a new MacBook and can update more frequently because this typing on an iPad truly sucks!

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