2015 Is Here

Seven days into a new year and its been busy.  I wrote out some goals I liked to accomplish this year and it really runs the ambit.  I've got everything from learn to knit and run a 5K and so much in between.  Much of my goals are centered around me first.  As my kids have gotten older I've started to regain a lot of independence and it feels good.  I believe I never fell into that trap of just being so-and-so's mom, I was first always Amber and yes, these little people are my children and yes, I am their mother, but I am also Amber.  I didn't lose myself in being a mother it just enhanced who I was overall but I digress.  Having me time was not something I ever really took advantage of.  I did stuff which included my kids or included my entire family but taking even an hour per day for me was not something I normally did.  This past September I made a conscious effort to make sure I made time for me, hence the trainer.

This special time I have carved out for me has been life changing.  That's a different post altogether which I promise I'll write about.  But now I see how having this time feels and how it impacts my life and those around me.  

Now as a result of this I made sure that much of 2015 goals are for me and me only.  I'm excited to start working down my list all of which I hope will make me a much better person.  A more well rounded, happier, enlightened person.

One of the goals I have set that isn't me-centric has to do with shedding the things we do not need.  I touched on this on my last post and have really thought about it a lot.  Living minimally is something I have really wanted to do.  I feel that this lifestyle opens up so much of the world to you.  You are no longer owned by your things but are able to own yourself.  You are not tied down by your things.  You are allowed to be more creative with what you have thus opening up your mind to endless thoughts, ideas and possibilities.  Over the course of the last few years I have been teaching my kids that it is not a right to own everything you want.  Kids are consumers, they want what their friends have or the newest, coolest toy/gadget/game/shoes etc...I want my kids to understand that having these things aren't necessary and if there are ways for them to earn it themselves then fine but as a parent I have made the choice to not always buy them these  things just because they want it.  When it comes to the boys, especially, I buy out of necessity not want.  I try to buy 2nd hand if possible and even better if we can borrow or acquire for free.  There is nothing wrong with buying something used and my kids know this and totally understand.  Donx's feet are growing at super speed and soccer cleats only last a season and that's it.  He totally understands why I take him to a second had sports store to buy "new" cleats every year and he is even surprised by how much we save doing this.  This is living smart and consuming less.  

We'll be going on vacation soon and upon our return my big project is to start sorting our belongings, probably on paper.  I want to inventory all that we have and organize into "definitely keep" and then into sell, keep for now and donate.  We've already got a pretty nice pile in our garage.  Letting stuff go will be good and we are long over due.  Every time we've moved we purged about a a quarter of our belongings and it feels so good.  

We have bigger dreams then just being happy in Seattle.  We have dreams of wonderlust and T and I are constantly plotting how to let go of our daily life for the bigger adventure we are destined for.  Becoming minimal is part of that plan.  Making ourselves better individuals is part of that plan.  Becoming a whole unit that is in sync is part of the plan but even more so the result of acting on that plan.

Living simply and living minimally is nearly as important to me as the goals I have laid out for myself.  My me-centric goals will make me a stronger, more self-sufficient, less stressed, more honest-with-myself individual and I cannot wait to make it all happen!

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