Weight Loss Journey - Still On My Path

The journey continues!  I'm still making progress but wow, the holidays are tough.  I'm not eating badly but I feel like we're out of the house more often and yes we have had our hand at sweets passing through our home.  I made my ever popular Sweet & Salty nuts for the kid's teachers and for T's work and yes I had some.  Okay, truth is, more then some but I did not binge.  I'm not happy with my choice in having some because there is a lot of sugar in those nuts.  But it is now out of the house.

It's a new week.  No more sweets for me.  I'm strapping in and going hardcore for the next 4 days because I know on Christmas I'm having a holiday dinner with pals then again, its hardcore. 

I've  upped the exercise game.  With very few exceptions I'm plugging in about 2.5 - 3 hrs of exercise per day, eating well although not as frequently as I should which I need to fine tune and get back to routine.  But all in all i'm doing good.

I'm down 28 lbs and have gone down a few dress sizes.  I feel fabulous.  Energized and healthy.  I'm not at my goal yet and honestly I have 2 goals.  I have my goal weight for Hawaii and I have my real goal weight which continues when I get back from vacation.  Once I reach my Hawaii goal I would love to lose an additional 20lbs.  Is that realistic?  I don't know, maybe an additional 10lbs is more realistic and a healthy goal so we'll see, i'll probably reassess at each 5-10 milestone.

I have my days that I feel extra bloated and gross and I don't want to get on the scale.  This is one of those weeks, cause you know, lady problems.  It's disgusting how bloated you can feel as a result.  I'm also frustrated by my tummy.  We all have issues mine is my thighs and tummy.  Firstly my thighs, they are round and, hmmm, womanly.  Maybe its genetics, maybe its not.  I do lots of squats which tone it which is better then it being floppy but when I see skinny legs I can dream.  But slowly i'm accepting them for what they are and learning to love them.  Next is my tummy.  It's gross.  Look, I've had three kids and got pretty darn big with each pregnancy.  So i'm not going to lie I have a bazillion badges of honor, aka stretch marks and they aren't going anywhere.  They are deep and large and they are what they are.  But I also have a squishy tummy with some loose skin.  It's gross but has gotten a lot better looking since losing weight and toning the muscle buried deep under all that stuff.
I do what I can and one of the biggest things I can do is body acceptance and i'm working on it and its getting a lot better.  Seeing the change in my body had made me accept myself in ways I never thought possible.  Without my three babies my body wouldn't be the way it is and I'm okay with that because my babies are a huge part of my world and I know why I look the way I do and I change what I can to make me feel  healthier and happier.

Change is happening and my journey has been successful and will continue.

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