2014 was a good year. Sure there were bumps but doesn't that happen to everyone?  Looking back I have no complaints.

Some of the happier points:
T found a great new job that allows him to challenge himself everyday, learn new things and provide the career growth he so longs for
Big Red is developing into a great swimmer and it is the one place I see his confidence shine and his desire for more swim time makes me smile
Donx is really shining bright at school.  He is in advanced learning and it's all great for him.  He's challenged and doesn't give up.
Crash has entered the competitive track at gymnastics.  Her ability and strength are impressive and her desire to continue with the sport is fantastic.  Her focus has gotten better with age and I envision this skill will carry with her for years to come.
I made the decision to get healthy for me and on my terms and I'm doing it! I've stuck with it and changed my life.  I'm much more conscious of what goes into my body only allowing for the good and on special occasions allowing the bad/treats.  I gained a new found love of working out with cardio and lifting. As a result I feel energized, healthy and my confidence has improved a lot.

Some of the lower points are not worth mentioning.  We, as a family, recognized and did what ever we needed to do to improve the situation.  This is what we do now.  We identify, Suss it out and immediately rectify.  Life is so much more then dwelling on low points.  We know it's best to pick ourselves up and do what we need to do to make a bad a good.

As we head into 2015 I want to keep our family moving in a positive, forward momentum.  With that I'd also like to work towards some of our more lofty dreams, and by that I mean taking baby steps to reach those future milestones.  I want us to get back to the roots of family time, playing board games together, making something in the kitchen, snuggling together for movies and popcorn, making adventures and having a lot of fun as one family.  I have hopes of minimizing our lives and shedding those things we don't need or use or can live without.  The thought of all the buying and acquiring has reached a level of disgust for me.  We have things we don't need or use and first and foremost they are things and I want to teach my family this. Things! Things we can live without we don't need to keep. Discarding these things will only work for us and push our life in the future direction we, as a family, dream of having someday.  It's going to be a great year ahead!

I look forward to sitting down for a couple of hours jotting down my personal goals and dreams and ideas for the coming year.  And if I'm feeling sassy maybe I'll even share some of them.

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