Weight Loss Journey - Training Day 9

*The above photo is 2 weeks old and i'm down a couple pounds since I took the week 6 photo.  As a reminder I was down 7 lbs in the week 3 photo and in the week 6 down about 10 lbs.

I missed my Training Day 8 post.  I was busy but it happened!

I met with my trainer day and it went great.  We did a nice assortment of small circuit groups and as usual it kicked my ass.  I sweat like a crazy person when I work out but all that sweat makes me feel great!

It's always so nice to hear my trainer complement my endurance and increased strength.  It really means a lot to me.  

My diet is going well.  Yeah, i'm a little bit bored of the flavors, especially the chicken but it doesn't really bother me. I've disconnected my need for food to be entertaining and social but rather fuel for my body to work out and gain nourishment.  I've introduced some carbs into my diet by way of the occasional sweet potato or Dave's Killer Powered Thins.  But i'll be tapering it down, I don't want to go to long with eating to much carbs.

I'm down 12 lbs and have been for 2 weeks.  A standstill! Grrrrrrrr......That being a pain point for me I'm doing a "two week reboot" and eating super clean, extra super low cal.  My trainer suggested this as she'll do it after the holidays to give her system a kick in the pants.  So i'm doing it so I feel rejuvenated and to drop a couple more pounds.  Wish me luck.  Weigh in is tomorrow morning and i'll do a "weigh out" two weeks form tomorrow.

Here to more progress!

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