Weight Loss Journey - Training Day 6

Today should have been my 6th day of training but my trainer has some sort of stomach bug and had to cancel.  Trust, that did not deter me.  I worked out for a good long while.  Actually I've been working out every day!  Cardio + strength training!!!  I'm on a roll and it feels good.

I'm down 9lbs and am feeling great!  The nutrition part of my regime is also going well.  I've introduced a regular carb into my diet in the form of the sweet potato and usually have 1 sweet potato per day.  Usually just half per meal and i'll have it in 2 meals, maybe.  I guess saying per day is a bet wishful but whatever.  I've also reintroduced the smoothie into my diet but  have changed it up from before I started seriously working out and training.

Life is good and I'm heading down a road I really like.

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