The Big Picture

I live in the city but my dream is to live some place more country, maybe even a teeny bit rural but still be no further then 1-1.5 hours from the city.  You can do that here in Washington, in case you were wondering.  

I love the city.  The architecture, food, culture and the general urban feeling cities exude.  But the dream is to leave the city, work remotely and live a more, laid back, down to earth life on a large plot of land with the home of our dreams.  We envision lots of land, some territorial views that would block the view to and fro from any neighbors.  Spacious renovated cottage/farm home, maybe even a prefab modern home, with lots of glass.  Space and comfort and lots of room for the kids to explore and be kids.  Hell, maybe even a dog!  That's what we work our ass off for.  Why we choose to be as frugal as we comfortably can.  Why we strategize to pay off existing debt and save.  All for this dream, if you will.

Today I saw this piece in the New York Times and this woman is living the dream I envision for myself.  Its perfect!

For now, we plan, save, enjoy our every day life in our amazing city and dream!

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