Sartorial Thursdays: Team Spirit

Last week Saturday we went to the final Seattle Sounders game of the season.  They headed off against the LA Galaxy, my old home town and defeated them 2-0.  It was amazing and allowed the Sounders to take home the Fan Shield which was up for grabs that Saturday.  

The power and excitement of being at a professional soccer game is exhilarating!  The cheering, roars and smack talk to the opposing teams is so much fun that even my kids get into all the noise.  4.5 year old Crash was the loudest of my three kids, the cheering, yelling and stomping coming from her little persons really made me smile.  Topped with all the kettlecorn it was a great combination. 

List 042

List 042 by seattlemom featuring a movie box
Team spirit is more then evident when at a Sounders game.  Thus, my Sartorial Thursday is all about Sounders Team Spirit.  If you have a home team scarf and a top you are set.  We bond together as fans supporting our team.  Even local brewer Red Hook, the official Sounders brewery, makes a special brew supporting the Sounders, ECS No Equal.  It's delicious!

Good Luck in the Semifinals Sounders!  

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