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List 041

List 041 by seattlemom featuring a fitted hoodie

Am I the last one to the avocado toast game?  Because I really, really feel like it!  IF there is anyone out there that has not tried this amazing combo you must!  It is delicious, filling and so comforting.  It's super easy to throw together, what you need:
A good bread (I like Dave's Killer Powerseed Thins which are only 60 cal per slice)
1/2 an avocado
Lemon juice
sea salt
pepper/red pepper flakes
olive oil (optional)

The how to:
scoop out the half of avocado into a bowl and mash it with a fork until desired chunkiness or smoothness
squeeze in a little lemon juice, i add about 1 tsp
toast your bread to desired cripiness
shmear your avocado mash on the toast
once shmeared, add sea salt and red pepper flakes.  if you don't like red pepper flakes you can add black pepper or even tapatio/hot sauce which I enjoy.  
(optional) if you like you can drizzle a bit of olive oil or if you don't want to drizzle you can add a couple of drops of olive oil into the avocado mashing process
eat and enjoy!

Seriously this dish is wonderful!

I recently stumbled upon the Jansport Swinger bag, which by the way comes in a few colors.  Free People offered it in a brilliant turquoise color, not me but still beautiful for someone else.  This is definitely something I'd love to have and have added it to my Christmas wish list so fingers crossed!  Jansport is such a classic line, I mean what child didn't have at least one Jansport backpack during their school career?  My son's school books have recently outgrown is Fjallraven Kanken so I bought him a large Jansport 'Big Student' backpack and its perfect.  So many compartments for all of his stuff.  Besides the bags we've all come to recognize as Jansport they also have a line called Heritage Series which I think is AMAZING!  It's super old school and retro looking and could definitely rival the Kanken's and Herschels (which really isn't super innovative to begin with.)  But that Swinger crossbody.....so cute!

Everything else makes their rotation into my wardrobe this season and will remain until we see warm weather again.  I've had a green parka for years and I love it.  It matches everything, casual or fancy.  It's cozy and super durable.  

Now I want to go eat some avocado toast!

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