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List 039

List 039 by seattlemom featuring a blue jean jacket

Can we talk about The Good Wife for a second?  I have not been a long time watcher and just discovered this show about a month ago.  You see sometime during the summer I just flat out ran out of shows to watch.  I had my few things I watched and of course all the regular network shows were on hiatus and every time I logged into Amazon Instant Video this show kept staring at me.  I felt taunted because it was always there.  Finally I gave in.  It was late at night, I couldn't sleep and needed something dramatic to watch so I clicked onto The Good Wife and its been a nice ride.  I recently started Season 2 and am engaged.  I'm conflicted about Julianna Margulies character but overall I like it!

Seasonal foods.  What can I say, i'm a sucker.  I first tried Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Coffee last year and it was delicious.  It tasted like fall.  All those wonder fall smells:  cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin and cloves, Yum!  Towards the end of fall, last year, I went back to TJs to pick up a few more containers and they were all gone!  So far I've only bought one container but I'll pick up a couple more this week and ration it out.  I think it would be nice to mention that TJs also has a season Harvest tea that has similar flavors minus the pumpkin but add in a nice citrus note.  Bonus that the tea is caffeine free so I can sip the deliciousness at night.

I'm a Vans girl.  And normally I always have a pair of classic low tops in my closet but these last few years they've been absent because I had converse, which I love a lot as well but its time to go back to my roots.  I just picked up a pair of classic high tops but the new slim version.  Can't wait to kick around in my new kicks!

Denim vests are so versatile.  I wear mine with as many outfits as I can.  sometimes I wear it over a dress or long sleeved tee and other times I'll through it over a black zip up hoodie for a little extra warmth and a real casual vibe.  I love throwing it over a slightly more than casual dress so that the dress goes from serious to fun or laid back.  It's a great item to have in the closet.  Hell I even go for double denim when I pair it with black skinny jeans.

Lastly the romper/jumper/onsie....Oh the comfort!  'Nuff said.

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