Crafty - Leaves & Watercolor

Crash and I have finally hit our groove with her new school schedule.  We spent much of September lounging around the house instead of doing our usual trips to museums, parks and arts and crafts.  But here we are in October and we are cruising along with our usual habits.  

We have an abundance of little maple leaves in our backyard.  They are beautiful shades of greens, yellows, oranges and reds.  Crash came up with the great idea to collect a bunch of leaves and to use them in an arts and crafts project.  Great Idea!  And collect, we did.
We had a nice size collection of leaves to choose from.  We gathered the rest of our art supplies and got started.  
We used:
glue and mod podge
watercolor paper
autumnal leaves
We decided on watercolor as our medium for the background.  I'd like to note, we love, love, love water color!  We had fun figuring out what we wanted to paint, did we want buildings, sky, trees?  We each took our own path.  Crash painted a tree blowing its leaves on her building.  Once she painted the backdrop, Crash loved sorting through the leaves picking just the perfect colors for her painting.

The best part about doing arts and crafts with the kids is talking about what we are thinking, what we are doing and how we are doing it and then marveling over the finished product.

This was a fun, quick art project but the best part was spending the time in the backyard collecting all the leaves.  Examining each and every one and talking about all the different shades of color that existed from this one tree!

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