Weight Loss Journey: Training Day 5

Today was my fifth session with my trainer.  Between my 4th session (which I did not document) and today I've been doing a lot of work out "homework."  I'm hitting the elliptical or hitting the pavement everyday for between 45min to an hour plus working on some strengthening like pushups, reverse lunges, core etc.....  I feel my body getting stronger and my energy improving.  I like this.

My endurance is up, today I was able to get through more circuits, of three reps at each station, then I have before.  I've increased the weights and I was able to kick out more pushups then ever before.  Did I mention my form is better as well!  See what practice does!

I'm down 7lbs and i'm excited about it!  See!
The meal portion is going well.  Im doing some meal prep which basically means i'm pre-portioning out my proteins, everything else I add in is either fresh or best eaten freshly cooked like egg beaters or quickly sautéed onions.  I'm happy with my food, its nothing exciting but its working for me.  Funnily my go to "dessert" has been a serving (227g) of greek yogurt with a 2 tsp of honey drizzled over it.  When I eat it as my last meal I pretend its ice cream.  Ridiculous but it works for me.

Here's to progress!!

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