Weight Loss Journey - Training Day 4

Yesterday was my fourth training session.  We are lifting and strength training like crazy.  Most of the cardio I do at home on my elliptical.  I am tasked with 45-minutes on the elliptical daily.  I am feeling stronger, my endurance is great, and i'm improving every visit.

We did four small circuits yesterday.  One for my arms, one for my legs, one combo and one for my core.  Again I ended my session with a one minute plank.  Let's be clear, I cannot plank for a continuous minute, I hold it for as long as I can and if and when I drop the clock stops until I get back up until I complete a minute.  

My pain point is still pushups.  It is hard for me.  This is the only thing that is really, really hard for me.  I practice at home and hopefully, one day, doing a push up will be like doing a jumping jack.

The nutrition portion of my journey is going well.  I built out a menu for the next two weeks and reviewed it with my trainer yesterday.  I did good.  I added a few questionable items like beans and lentils and wanted her opinion and suggestions for better choices.  Yes I'm switching them out and instead including better items like sweet potatoes ad quinoa if I need to have some starch.

The journey continues......

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