Weight Loss Journey - Training Day 3

Day 3 of training happened yesterday.  It was great!  It was nice to start the week with all muscles in tip top shape.  No more aching and wobbling along like a baby learning to walk.

Did I mention I start each session on the treadmill to get my heart rate up?  Well I do.  It's a great way to ease into my workout.

Again we did circuits.  One group for arms, one group for legs and one for my core.  It was much easier this time.  And one thing for sure is, when I use weights, the first round of each circuit is the simplest and the second time around the weights feel like it has doubled.  But I power through and if it burns to much I have no problem for asking to decrease the weight so I can finish the set.  

Yes, it's only been three sessions but I have learned that my weak spot, like really, really weak spot is push ups.  I do what I can, I practice at home and hopefully i'll be able to get out 15 of them with no problems.  This week and next week will not be it.  This I know for sure.

The diet portion of my training is going well.  I've been pulling high protein low cal meals together this past week and a half and am having a hard time getting in the 6th meal.  But so far so good.  I'm barely topping out at 200 calories per meal.  I think my body has adjusted to the much lower calorie intake.  It helps that I've changed my view on eating and have wholly accepted that food is my fuel and that's it.  The other night I sat down and busted out a two week menu for the week, which includes 6 meals per day.  I made it easy on myself but for each week, each meal is different but repeats every day.  Then I'll switch out some of those meals for the next week but then do the same thing with repetition.  I don't mind eating the same things everyday, having my eyes on the prize is my goal.

so far i've lost 5 lbs which is good, considering i've had only one complete week of training.  Maybe I'll come real close to my goal weight by the end of the year.  

I'm not ready to post an update photo, maybe when I reach a month.

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