Weight Loss Journey: Training Day 2

Between my first session and todays, second session my legs and my lats have been in crazy achey pain.  Walking up and down stairs have been challenging.  My kids are confused why I do this to myself.  I can explain that this is a good thing until i'm blue in the face but they don't get it.  

Workout aches are good.  I welcome it.

Although I have been in pain I have continued to work out at home; elliptical and crunches and stretches. I attempted to do push ups but my lats and upper arms were much to sore and I couldn't even push out more than two.

I persevere. 

Today's session was fantastic.  My legs still ached just not as bad and I held my head up and powered through even if at some point I had to lower the weight to get through.  We did 4 groups of circuits today.  Arms,  legs, core and arms again and ended the session with a one minute plank..  It was AWESOME!  I sweated like nobody's business and I felt so proud of myself for getting through.

I have severely tapered down my meals and am eating 1000 calories per day.  Everyday I'm making food choices that are interesting and filling.  I do need to do some research on meal ideas and I'm hoping to get into the habit of meal prepping for the week this weekend or next weekend.  This journey is interesting, for sure.

I feel like even though I'm getting used to eating so little calories, but high protein meals, my body still needs to adjust.  I find myself getting a little irritable with the kiddos.  It makes me laugh because I see this in the kids when they are hungry.  But I am aware of what is happening and I know that as the days go by my body will balance out.  I'm drinking a lot of water which means i'm peeing a lot!  100 oz of water per day, minimum, is crazy town.  I always have my water with me.  

It's important to me to follow through with all of this, hence my trainer.  In the last 10 days I have lost 3lbs and I'm proud of that.  I'm hoping by tuesday that number will be four, and i'll be on track for 2 lbs per week.  Yeah!

The journey continues.

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