September Goals

I've been thinking how I would spend my time once the kids returned to school.  I have my normal daily routine's to keep the house running smoothly but I wanted more.  Not just a "to do" list but rather goals I'd like to accomplish each month.  The day before school started I sat down and wrote out some goals for September.  

I broke my goals out into four categories:

I intended for each goal to be simple and attainable.  The last thing I wanted to do was create something that would cause me stress and frustration.  Also, I wanted these goals to eventually be things that come naturally to me and simply ease into my and my family's daily life.  

So here it goes.

More praise and less criticism towards the kids.  
Create a family game nights on the weekends
disconnect and spend time walking and catching up with each other

Say 'I Love You' everyday
Make sure to connect and ask about his day, everyday
Stick to regular date nights, 2x/month

Monthly Weigh in (after a summer hiatus, its time to get back in shape)
Drop 5lbs this month
Make sure to drink enough water everyday
Blog daily, even if its just to empty my head of one or two thoughts
Make a day to drop everything and pamper myself in whatever way I find fit
Complete at least 1 sewing project

Begin the fall purge
Create a system to organize paperwork
Utilize craigs/ebay/neighborhood group list to sell, trade and get rid of unused items

Not to bad, right?  Many of the items are easy but it doesn't hurt to remind myself to do them.

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