Sartorial Thursday - Royal Blue

I'm not a huge color person.  I tend to stick to blacks and various shapes of gray.  But that doesn't mean I am anti color, just not normally my first choice in clothing.  Over the years I have grown to like a few colors.  Yellow is one of them and that's very sparsely, but I do enjoy it.  A raspberry/magentaish/purple is another and I'm actually surprised by how much of this color I actually own.  The other color I really enjoy is royal blue.  A nice, bright royal blue.  I like it in sweaters, tees, dresses, scarves, etc...  The color just makes me happy, its the right enough of bright that it makes me smile and doesn't make me feel like i'm on display.  

This weeks board contains three outfits in my favorite blue.  All these outfits are typical of my everyday life which is pretty minimal.

List 032

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