Sartorial Thursday (on a Friday): Fall Dressing

There's a strip of trees in my neighborhood that are starting to change.  Leaves of copper, gold and red are appearing and falling to the curb.  It's surprising and quite literally sprung up on me.  I love fall, the crisp air, the early sunsets, and the beautiful foliage.  The odd thing is we are still having beautiful weather.  The sun is shining and the temps are still warm.  So these fall leaves are quite a shock.

I know the crisp air will creep up on us soon enough.  When we do have a cooler evening I fantasize of boots and scarves and layers but until that weather really hits us its still shorts and dresses and tank tops.

But like I said, Fall will be here soon and my closet will be rotated.  If I could have the perfect outfit to kick off fall this would be it!

List 030

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