Naming your Kid

First off there will be no more babies in this house.  That in itself can be a separate post for another day.  But I do want to ramble on about naming your kid.

Each time I found out I was pregnant thinking of names was the underlying discussion for the entire 9-months of my pregnancy. Did this happen to you?  The commitment and pressure of choosing a name for another human being is huge.  You are setting them up with an identity right out of the gate.  

We started with lists of names we each liked, then narrowed it down.  We then obsessed over the social security website and looked at the list of top 100 names for the past 5-10 years.  The plan was if any of our names showed up in the top 10 in the past 5-10 years we immediately crossed it off.  Neither my  husband and I grew up with names that we had to share with classmates and we did not want that for our child(ren). We were both pretty adamant of unique, but not weird.  Nice sounding and we did not want to knowingly pick a longish name that would immediately shortened, like Katherine=Kathy, Jennifer=Jen, etc... 

Besides naming a child a name that will be quickly shortened to a more casual version like the above, my other naming pet peeve is oddball spelling of names.  Why do people do this?  Is it to be different or cool?  To me, it comes off as being illiterate and childish.  Why, people, why????

I don't share my kids names on here but they all have pretty special names.  My oldest has had one instance in preschool with another kid in his class having the same name.  And of all three of my kids his is probably the most popular but still not super common.  He has a Hawaiian name but its also a name, with identical spelling, in Welsh, Scottish and German.  But no matter, I like his name and he loves his name!  

With each of my kids we didn't have a solid plan of what we were planning on naming them prior to giving birth.  We maybe went into the hospital with 3 top choices and a couple of choices for middle names.  We figured armed with a combination of a few names we would make the decision once we saw them.  With the boys we easily selected a first and middle name with the list we were armed with.  With my daughter, we had a hard time.  We had a modest list of names we liked.  Both my husband and I didn't really love each other's first choices but would agree on giving her one of them as a middle name or names.  The only thing we both agreed on was a second middle name, which would be a Hawaiian name.  She is the only child with two middle names.  When she was born the name we thought we were going to give her was tossed out her window.  We took one look at her and knew it wasn't the name for her.  One of the names on my list of faves ended up becoming her first name, a name my husband wasn't totally sold on until he laid eyes on her and realized thats what she had to be named.  It was quite the natural process naming her, well all of them.  It seemed right. To look at them, and being able to just tell what they should be named.

One of my favorite things to do when I was pregnant, and honestly I still enjoy it, is reading the top "whatever" names.....  Like this one, and this one and this is pretty damn funny, especially if you think this is important.  Honestly, an email address being available is more important to me.

Naming your kid is a personal decision, yet everyone wants to weigh in on it.  Just don't, okay.  Let soon to be parents make their own decisions and love their own choices, they don't care what you think nor do they appreciate you making them feel bad or awkward about their choices.  If you don't love the name keep it to yourself, you are not doing anyone any favors.  Baby naming is a big responsibility and everyone has their own naming conventions and each name is special to those who dish it out.  I love my kid's names and never once have questioned my choice in choosing their names. 

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