Back to School

Kids are officially back to school! 
The boys started yesterday and are now in 3rd and 4th grade.  They were genuinely so excited to head back.  They didn't have the opportunity to meet up with all their buddies over the summer so seeing their friends put a smile on their faces.  They each have some of their close buddies in their class this year, after a year of being in separate classrooms this was a real treat for them.  For the first time since the kids started elementary school, i'll be dropping them off everyday.  Our school bus route was cut and the next closes buses is "full" according to the SPS Transportation department.  But a 15-minute roundtrip is no big deal.  Pick will be an entirely new beast but we will roll with it.

Little Crash is now in pre-kindergarten and she started a new school.  One in our neighborhood, and is walkable, montessori, has a small class size and she enjoys seeing the K-8 kids who are part of the "big kid school."  Changing crashes school was a little bit of a struggle, only because I didn't want to remove her away from her friends at her old preschool.  Alas I feel I made the right decision, one that will benefit her as she begins to prepare for kindergarten.

I have no expectations for the school year, I just look forward to seeing the kids grow as students and independent humans.  On top of school we'll have some extracurriculars going on and lots of fun, quality time.  This school year was welcomed with open arms and I hope the kids remain excited as the year progresses!

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