Sartorial Thursday: Parade Wear

List 024

List 024 by seattlemom featuring a gold tone necklace

Parades!  Fun stuff for our family.  A few things are always a given with a summer parade. 1) Heat, 2) lots of waiting and 3) i'll likely be sitting on the ground on a curb.  I normally go for as little clothes as possible, lots of sunscreen, being comfortable and lastly some sort of shade device like a hat or an umbrella.  Everything else are all the little extras that make the outfit my own.  A piece of statement jewelry, some fun sunglasses and parade snacks and toys.  My kids love a good bubble gun at a parade, I love a cold snack like a shaved ice or popsicle.  

We're attending our local parade this Saturday and its going to be nice and hot!  I can't wait.

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