Sartorial Thursday: Hiking

I participate in quite a bit of hiking with my family.  Nothing overly ambitious since I have three kids, ages 4-10, in tow but definitely a hike with some distance and a little bit of incline and lots of forested, mountainous or water views.  We'll hike for maybe 2-4 hours and most importantly for me I want to be comfortable, have ease with any movements I need to make and of course be prepared with snacks, water, sun shade or to keep warm/cool.  Seattle has great hiking in a relatively close proximity to the urban life.  There are hikes within the city limits and you can drive 30 minutes and hike a mountain if you want.  But my love of hiking has grown a lot over the last year and with summer here I want to partake as much as I can!

Here are some of my essentials.

List 016

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