The Kid I Call Donx

That kid, up there in the photo with me, he's my middle child. Donx is what we call him, of course not his real name.  He is 8.5 years old but acts like a full blow, smarter then everyone, teenager.   He's a cool little dude.  He's super sporty but he's also super into fiber arts/crafts and cooking.  Well rounded, right?

Anyway when he was a baby he did not like.  He tolerated me carrying him and caring for him when T wasn't around.  But once T came home from work or was around it was like I did not exist.  He was glued to his dad like a giant pimple.  For the first 2-years of his life he couldn't sleep through the night unless he was sleeping, nestled up against T.  It made me sad but its just the way it was plus I had another child, my older son, to care for and he got all my attention since Donx didn't really want mine.

As he got older he warmed up to me.  By the time he was 3.5 or so we liked T and I equally.  Today Donx and I are as thick as thieves.  We're buds.  We cook and craft together.  He plays Minecraft and Halo with dad.  He talks to me about a variety of topics he doesn't talk to his dad about.  He confides in me and is comfortable with talking to me about nearly anything and I love it.  I can barely remember the days he'd cry because I wasn't his dad.

He craves attention and snuggles.  But he's fiercely independent.  He's super responsible and social.  He's insanely smart but doesn't brag about it at all nor does he feel the need to really even talk about it.  He makes me proud.  He annoys his older brother but is BFF to his little sister.

People have preconceived notions about middle children but I don't see it.  Donx is my only kid that shares my haircolor yet has intense green eyes and a dash of freckles across his nose and cheeks.  Not gonna lie, he's cute!

He's my awesome little boy and I feel super lucky to have him in my life.

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