Summertime And The Living is Easy

Today is the first official day of summer with these three kiddos.  We have lots of activities on the docket, lots of playtime and of course bridging our summer learning, which they may not love but I feel its necessary.

Today they are lounging around, playing Minecraft, watching cartoons and of course still wearing PJs at 11am.  The only big chore I have for the boys today is to clean out their school bags so we can file away all the necessary school projects/papers and I can clean out their backpacks before camps roll up in July.

We have a list of things to do this summer and will be adding to the list as we think of new things to make/see/do.  They are excited about the activities, we have a loose routine to follow (no routine with these three makes for a bit of chaos) but lots of time for play and of course camps.  

The city has some great things to do to fill up our days of fun.  Fountains and wading pools.  U-pick farms and animal farms/zoos.  And Regal's $1 summer movies express!  I love that this program exists!  We took advantage of it in previous summers and its such a great deal.  Yes many of the movies are second run but who cares, kids love the whole process of "going to the movies."  The theater, big, giant screens, buckets of popcorn; the entire experience.

So summer is here and we are so ready for the fun!

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