Sartorial Thursday: Date with the Girls

List 012

List 012 by seattlemom featuring black gold rings
I think that saying "Girls dress for other girls not for guys" is totally true.  There are definitely times that I care more about how I look in an outfit and what the other females will think of my outfit then what maybe my husband or even other men will think of my outfit.  It matters more to me if a female compliments me on my outfit then a male.  Maybe its because women will look at the entire outfit, head to toe, and notice the details that went into it.  While a man will see it as a whole on your body not noticing the fine details on say, your jewelry or shoes.

Anyway a cafe date with the girls is the perfect occasion to get dolled up pulling together a great, girly, comfy outfit stacked with your favorite pieces of jewelry and fun purse and shoes.

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