Sartorial Thursday - City Exploration

List 014

List 014 by seattlemom featuring a black jersey top

I love exploring my city, no matter what city I may be living in.  In Seattle,  I feel like there is so much the city has to offer and those offerings change season after season.  I've been in this fine city for 2-years, this summer, and I know I haven't seen all there is to see.  I'm constantly being wooed by the views both urban and organic.  I love it all.  I love to document as much as I can so it's important to me to have a camera handy.  My iphone is fantastic at capturing many of these images but for those days I know i'll be going somewhere special I make sure to bring something a little more professional to capture these moments.  

I've never been one to get all comfy via workout wear when exploring, unless the motive is to workout rather then to explore.  I like to be me when exploring, wearing what makes me feel comfortable in my skin.  Normally that's jeans and a tank, classic, comfortable and able to move between city exploring and popping into a pub for a drink and a bite!  And of course lots of black, my staple!

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