Starting a couple of weeks ago we've been in the throughs of BBQ and potlucks.  Both hosting and attending as a guest.  I love informal hangs like that.  It's fun and relaxing and with most of my friends having kids relatively the same age of my kids its a fun time for everyone.

I have my go to potluck items and will tweak as necessary depending on the kid to adult ratio.  Maybe i'm boring but I don't venture off what I know and try new things when it comes to making a dish for a potluck.  I want to make what I know how to make well and is well received.  I also like to make no frills comfort food and when I do it is always loved.  my top 3 favorite things to make for a potluck are:

1. Citrus Salad 
This consists of pink grapefruit, navel oranges with a honey, lime juice and mint  dressing poured over it.  It is so super refreshing and so yummy!

2. Pigs in a Blanket
Who doesn't love this!  Every time I make it, which I make about 4 doz at a time, it is nearly always the first to go.  Kids love it and adults really love it and always go on and on about not eating in so long!  Its the easiest thing ever, nothing but lil smokies and crescent dough.

3. slow cooked BBQ pork
I slow cook a pork butt in a mustard-vinegar based bbq sauce.  So juicy and shreds like a dream.  I like dishing it up on those tiny little Kings Hawaiian Sweet Bread Rolls.  So yummy and you cannot have just one!

As for BBQ-ing wow!  We BBQ whatever we feel like eating:  hotdogs, chicken feta sausages, burgers, kal bi, chicken or fish.  If it can go on a grill we cook and everyone is happy with the choices.  When we are hosting we like to offer, usually, 3 different BBQ'd meats.  Options, options and options.  

We have a potluck today.  Everything I said up there about my top 3 items i'm not making them.  Instead i'm opting for a desert, a yummy chocolate guinness cake, which is delicious and a great cream cheese bean dip that my friend made last week and I am going to make today.  We are classing that dip up and serving it up with doritos.  After trying a series of different chips doritos seems to be the best.  Excited for today as the host has been marinating something for about 2 days!!!!  Yay!

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