Lists: Five Things Week of June 9

List 009

List 009 by seattlemom featuring Havaianas
Can we talk about Scandal for a moment?  I just started watching this show last week.  Mainly due to my main shows ending for the season.  Wow, after the first couple of episodes I am completely sucked in.  You see, when I decided to watch it, I based it on the fact that I do enjoy Grays Anatomy.  I figured if I enjoyed one Shonda Rhimes show why wouldn't I enjoy another?  Valid, right?   

The show has the makings of everything that keeps me fixated.  Drama, suspense and action.  I'm thankful that Netflix includes 3 season of the show because it will keep me busy for awhile.  considering I only watch the show at breakfast and sometimes at bedtime, i'll be glued to it for awhile.

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