Lists: Five Things Week of June 2

Honestly 4 of the 5 things are already a part of my life, since the weather has been nice it's now in full rotation.  

List 008

List 008 by seattlemom featuring strappy sandals
This past January I discovered the high-waisted swimsuit and I love it.  Having 3 kids and not really been able to really tone up pre-any-of-my-babies I resorted to the fact that I'd always be in a 1 piece swimsuit.  But I've worked out a lot over the last few years and although i'm not where I want to be I'm happy at my current shape so I decided to go out on a limb and order one of these.  I couldn't be happier.  My "issue" areas were covered but still allowed me to show some skin.  I'm a convert!

Pimms Cup....Oh god, so good and perfect summer cocktail!  Nectarines!  No words necessary.

The hoops....I bought these years ago when I while I was living in LA.  Actually I bought a ton of stuff from Han Cholo.  Love them.

Okay, the Birks.  I've always hated birkenstocks, especially these, as I have dubbed the Jesus sandal.  But I have 3 kids and summer is here and I want to be comfortable.  I tried on the Gizeh flip flop first but I didn't like the way the leather felt between my toes.  I gave up and was a bit happy the Birks didn't fit into my world.  Then one day I was at Nordstrom Rack and they had the above sandal, in brown, in my size.  I tried them on and HOLY HELL THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE.  So, I take back my hate Jesus sandal, I see why people love you.  I want the black w/black hardware and I want to make them my go to summer shoe along side my Saltwaters and Haviana's.  I want to buy them and be one of the cool kids now!

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