Kid Time: Water Days

Every chance I get I take my kids some where they can play in the water.  It doesn't matter if its a beach, lake, pool or fountain.  Give the kids some water and off they go!

Seattle has some great parks that not only include fantastic playground equipment but many parks have incredible fountains and water spray features.  And of course there are the parks that have wading pools!  Here are some of our favorites:

 Volunteer park is at the top of the list, the wading pool, besides being housed within Volunteer Park which is beautiful,  is very large with lots of surrounding grass and there's a big playground right next to it.  Restrooms are a short walk from the pool.

Greenlake wading pool is great.  The pool is a good size (in the above photo), there are bathrooms nearby and lots of green space.  Across the street from the pool are a few cafes and restaurants if you need sustenance.  But of course it is also located within Greenlake Park.  If you need a break from the pool the playground is not to far of a walk and so is the boathouse where you can rent canoes, paddle boards and more, greenlake beach which has a lifeguard is not to far either so you can take a dip in the lake.  Usually for us the pool is just fine unless we made larger plans ahead of time.

We also enjoy the Wallingford pool.  The pool is smaller then the above but still just as fun.  there is little green space immediately surrounding the pool but there are benches and some larger landscaping rocks perfect for perching on to watch your kiddos.  Bathrooms are steps away from the pool, there are picnic tables, an adjacent playground and a giant field to play catch, fly a kite or throw a frisbee.  The Wallingford pool/playground is a great way to pass the day with outdoor time.  45th, the main drag, is two blocks away and you can find lots of bakeries, restaurants and shops!

Spray parks are also fun and as I've written about in the past the International Fountain at Seattle Center is definitely one of our faves.  Northacres is super fun.  The spray features are fun to look at and offer a variety of sprays for all kids to enjoy.  There isn't much green space but there is space to find a spot to sit, although for this place I do like bringing my own beach chair to be comfortable.  There is an adjacent playground and restrooms.  Ballard Commons is a teeny spray park and i'll occassionally take the kids there if we're popping into the library.  Ballard Commons is 50% hardscape and 50% greenspace with the hardscape being made up by the small spray features and the skate park.  It's small but on a hot day the spray features meets our needs.

All of the water fun I take the kids to are free and the wading pools do have attendants that ensure that the area and water remains clean and that kids don't get to nuts.  There are rules to be followed and everyone normally does their part.  I find the the pools and spray parks to be clean and fun and my kids always have a good time.  

This is our official first week of vacation and with 3-days in we've gone to wading pools 2 of these days.  Yes, i'd say we're off to a great start!

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