What We Wore: Saltwater Sandals

I bought Crash and I matching summer sandals last week.  And OMG aren't they adorable?!?  Unless you've been hiding under a rock you've likely seen these around.  They are pretty popular on the blogosphere/instagramy world.  But they are Saltwater Sandals and so far they are great.  The kiddo was off and running with hers I am breaking my pair in.

I immediately slipped my pair on and they felt snug across the front of my foot but the length of the sandal was spot on.  I knew a larger size would look to long so I did a little research on the best way to stretch the sandal out.  I read about pulling the interlocking leather straps up front and then bending the sandal into a cup shape.  This really, really helped.  I also read about dunking the sandal into some water and then wearing them, this allow the leather to mold to to your foot.  Ultimately these sandals do stretch, they are meant to arrive a little snug and it is up to you to tame the sandal and allow to stretch and conform to YOUR individual foot.  It's been a few days and the stretching method I've been doing is working out great!  I'm wearing as much as I can now so when the warm weather sticks around for more then a day or two i'll be ready!

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