Sartorial Thursday: Weekend Farmers Market

We are lucky enough to have a year round farmers market right next door to us in Ballard.  But it really, isn't until the summer that it gets fun.  When the air is warm, the sun is shining and everyone is really in high spirits.  Summer is also when all the smaller, more neighborhood farmers market open up.  We always enjoy a good farmers market.  Tasting the samples, seeing all the locally created foods and drinks, the street performers and the of course the people watching.  Crash's favorite thing to do at farmers markets it pet all the dogs, she loves herself a nice friendly dog, big or small, she's an equal opportunist.

When I go to the farmers market I like to be comfortable.  Whether its in a dress, shorts or jeans.  You never know if you'll wind up sitting on a curb to eat that tamale.  Sometimes, when I want to be super casual I still want to make some sort of effort to look cute, wouldn't you?


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